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Facility Features at Flatirons

Flatirons Health and Rehab is a skilled nursing facility providing short term in-patient rehabilitation to our patients. A brand new 44,000 square foot facility, Flatirons Health and Rehab is designed for an outstanding rehabilitation experience. The property features four 12-bed "rehab houses" within the building that lend themselves to smaller, quieter healing spaces, which is so important to recovery. Our skilled nursing and therapy services are second to none and encourage consistent rehab and recovery efforts. For your short-term inpatient rehab, consider the team at Flatirons Health and Rehab!


Amenities at Flatirons Health & Rehab Include:

  • State-of-the-Art Rehab Center

  • Physical Therapy Room/ Gym

  • Restaurant Style Dining

  • Luxury Patient Rooms

  • Spacious Common Areas

  • World Class Activities

  • Enhanced Safety Features

  • Free Access to WiFi and Cable TV


24-Hour Medical Care


Nutrition & Wellness Support


On-Site Therapy


Enhanced Safety Features

Heal In Comfort

Flatirons Health and Rehab offers state of the art facilities and a wide selection of personalized amenities for short-term rehabilitation. In order for an environment to promote healing, patients must have the opportunity to do the hard work of therapy at times of the day when they have the best energy. We take the time to get to know our patients on an individual level so that we better understand needs that are unique to them. We work with your schedule and build a plan for your recovery around you. Your focus is on healing, and we will help accommodate your special needs for scheduling.

image of physical therapy gym with a variety of strength training equipment

Rehabilitation Center

A well-equipped on-site rehab room is an enormous convenience to residents. Real Life Styles begins with recovering the skills required for basic self care and moves towards successful integration into the patient's home environment. The program begins with an assessment of the patient's current physical abilities and end goals to achieve peak performance in activities of daily living. Participation in the comprehensive rehabilitation program allows patients to take control over their health to regain an active, healthy and independent lifestyle.

Real Lifestyles Tract

  • Functional Mobility
  • Basic Self Care
  • Household Management
  • Shopping
  • Financial Management
  • Computer Expertise

Rehab Services

image of dining room fireplace and tables set

Restaurant-Style Dining

Eating well is a critical component to healing and rehabilitation. Plenty of healthy food and protein-loaded meals facilitate the healing process and aid in your physical therapy efforts. Good nutrition is right around the corner at Flatirons Health & Rehab! Your meals are prepared in an open kitchen on your floor. You can enjoy watching the preparation as it happens in our restaurant-style dining rooms. If the menu for the day isn’t what you prefer, there is an “Always Available” menu where you can select something more enjoyable to your palette. All foods will be prepared just for you, when you order it.

All of our patients can enjoy snacks at any time. There are always nutritious foods available to satisfy you when you are hungry.

Our Clinical Dietitian, Natalie Thackston, MSRD, oversees all Nutritional Care at Flatirons Health and Rehab. For More Information on Healthy Diets visit our online resources.

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Patient Rooms

At Flatirons Health and Rehab we believe that our patients should experience privacy and comfort just as they would in their own homes. Each of our patient rooms is a single, private room with a full-sized bathroom and large walk-in shower. Our rooms feature plenty of space to maneuver mobility devices and support personnel, and rehab-ready fixtures that are sturdy and accommodating for patients to work on basic activities of daily living and restoring self care.

All rooms are furnished with hotel-quality furniture that can be rearranged to your liking and needs. Residents can control their individual room temperature with an easy to use thermostat. Cable TV and Internet access are standard in all rooms at no additional charge.

The patient rooms at Flatirons Health and Rehab are designed with comfort and recovery in mind. Schedule your tour or reserve your rehab stay today!

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image of tables and chairs in facility common area

Common Areas

When you want company or to engage in activities outside of your room or the rehab center, explore our common areas. Read a book around the fireplace, try the jetted tubs, or check out the activities calendar that features social events as well as functional activities to pass the time and facilitate recovery. There is ample space to enjoy visits with friends and family or gather with other facility residents.

An important part of being in a safe therapeutic environment is the opportunity to practice what you are learning in therapy as it applies to your daily life. The communal areas provide the space, opportunity, and oversight to accomplish just that. Our Life Enrichment Director will help you with activities and experiences that are of interest to you.

We offer classes, including Gary Sobol's Exercise program. Recognized by many professionals throughout the country as an exceptional program, it is designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other chronic medical conditions that cause difficulty with balance and coordination. Frankly, we can all benefit from his class!

Visits from furry friends bring a brighter meaning to common areas, and their visits always have residents swooning. Their smiling faces and wagging tails are sure to put a smile on yours.

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Beyond the amenities that focus on comfort and rehabilitation, the team at Flatirons Health & Rehab takes the safety of each of our residents seriously. All of our amenities feature disinfected surfaces, staff who have been thoroughly trained and background checked to ensure your safety. On-site facility maintenance and routine equipment and safety checks identify deficiencies before they become hazards. Our facility is designed with built-in fall precautions and patient privacy. We believe that safety is everyone’s first priority, so if you’ve got a concern, let any one of our staff know and we will get it corrected with haste! We look forward to caring for you!

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