A Guide to Our Rehabilitation Services

Explore All The Different Aspects Of Flatirons’ Senior Rehabilitation Center

Prioritize Your Loved Ones

Flatirons Health & Rehab specializes in helping residents across Louisville, Colorado, and the surrounding communities gain control of their lives and build strength in their bodies. Our professional nursing staff understands how debilitating certain medical conditions can be — but the rehabilitation process shouldn’t. Flatirons’ senior rehabilitation center offers several different therapeutic services to help you get the most out of every single day!


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Flatirons Health & Rehab’s senior rehabilitation center provides assistance with different everyday body functions after a patient experiences an injury or stroke. Our general short-term rehab program employs the use of physical, occupational and speech therapy, focusing on making sure your body is able to carry you through everything you want and need to do. Flatirons, slowly but surely, can help you build strength and other skills to live a normal life!


Individualized Plans

One size does not fit all when it comes to making sure your physical health is taken care of. The senior rehabilitation center here at Flatirons Health & Rehab addresses each patient's individual needs and goals, creating personalized treatment plans. Our staff will take into account your personal medical conditions and take you through certain physical exercises to regain your strength and mobility. Met with us today to learn more about the process!



No matter what medical condition you may be living with, Flatirons Health & Rehab’s individualized treatment plans can help you feel like a brand new person. Our senior rehabilitation center offers physiatry treatment to our patients, helping them improve their full-body health and to work through diseases, disorders, and other injuries. Our leadership team is dedicated to providing a compassionate, nurturing environment for seniors, both short-term and long-term. Learn more about our physiatrist consultants and experience the difference they can offer!


Wound Management

In addition to making sure every patient at our senior rehabilitation center receives first-class therapeutic services, Flatirons Health & Rehab also provides personal wound management plans; we specialize in providing both direct and indirect treatment for various wounds. Our nurses are proud to help guide you through all our different equipment types and exercise programs, to gain all the benefits without putting too much pressure on your body!

Flatirons Health & Rehab’s senior rehabilitation center is designed to address several different areas of physical health, helping patients minimize damage, maximizing strength, and manage their medical conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our rehabilitation program!

Prioritize Your Loved Ones

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