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Your loved ones, no matter their ages, deserve the best while undergoing rehab — total 360-degree comfort in a welcoming environment with full, 24/7 senior care services. Flatirons Health & Rehab in Louisville, Colorado, knows the best way to proceed in the event of any injury, surgery, or chronic medical condition is to start on the path to recovery. Our senior care rehabilitation and extended stay services are delivered with a personalized, nurturing touch. Discover how we make a difference in our patients' lives every day!


Develop a Routine

A daily routine is critical to working every part of the body and to jump-start the rehabilitation process. Our Flatirons Health & Rehab senior care specialists start your personalized recovery by minimizing any inflammation, controlling pain, and minimizing any more damage; from there, we will help you regain motion and build up your energy. At our skilled nursing facility, we understand how important it is to retain the body to move or function in a certain way; trust our senior care services to provide the best for your loved ones.


Build Strength

Patients working through an injury or recovering post-surgery often need to recover their strength in their arms, legs, or other parts of the body. Flatirons Health & Rehab aims to maximize our patients’ recoveries, no matter their ages, helping them through exercises to minimize muscle loss and to practice proper form. Our senior care staff is capable of providing both short-term and long-term strength-building programs, so your family members can once again live the life they deserve.


Receive Skills & Expertise of Many Professionals

Flatirons Health & Rehab is in service entirely to our clients and our community. Each and every patient needing short-term or long-term rehabilitation senior care experiences our signature compassion and Ten Guiding Virtues; these principles prioritize building meaningful relationships with patients and personalized care. We invite you to meet our senior care Leadership Team and to visit our facility in person to see first-hand what we’re all about!


Customized Care

We believe each patient is unique and is dealing with very specific struggles. Flatirons Health & Rehab’s senior care is available to patients working through several medical concerns, including: orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, strokes, general debility, cancer, and more. Our professional team will tailor your care rehabilitation plan to your exact needs and situation, focusing on injury protection and building strength. Take advantage of our physical therapy now and meet your own individual goals!

Flatirons Health & Rehab invites you to give yourself or a family member the best in personalized rehabilitation. Get in touch with our team today and learn more about our processes. Start your journey to recovery with us!

Meet With Our Experts

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