Flatirons Extended Suite Stay

What is the Private Suite Stay Program?

Flatirons Extended - Suite Stay is an extended care stay providing 24/7/365 complete care, superior services and world class amenities for seniors.

What is “Improving Lives. Exceeding Expectations?”

Referred to as ILEE, this is our MISSION! We exist to improve your life and exceed your expectations. Our always accessible leadership team is available to hear your needs to make sure your stay fulfills our mission!

Why choose Flatirons Health and Rehab?

Located down the street from the iconic Flatirons rock formations, you can smell the mountain air from our newly constructed building. Suites at Flatirons Health and Rehab are elegantly decorated, and our common areas have an abundance of natural light. A tight-knit community of exclusive extended stay members get to know our experienced clinical team who spend time building relationships with them to better anticipate their needs.

You have the right to choose where you receive your care, Flatirons provides top-notch amenities to it’s exclusive extended stay members, including:

  • 100% private luxury suites

  • Warm and friendly family-style household layout

  • True peace of mind quantity and quality staffing, second to none

  • Around the clock leadership accountability and accessibility

  • Totally customizable customer experience

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We accept private pay, including card card, and private long term care insurance.

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